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Why Cloud?

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The digital era consumers demand fast service delivery, high reliability, and seamless experience that’s unhindered by technological limitations. AppAndGeek harnesses the power of public, private, and hybrid cloud to accelerate digital transformation within organizations and enable them to exceed their audience’s expectations in every way.



Faster deployment, updating, issue resolution, & more



Improved IT infrastructure reliability, uptime, & security



No infrastructure maintenance. Only usage-based costing



Optimized development lifecycle leads to fast innovation at scale

Our Cloud Offerings

Unlock New Opportunities and Stay Ahead of the Competition With AppAndGeek’s Domain Expertise


Cloud Strategy

We design a comprehensive strategy for businesses to adopt the right platform, tools, and talent to help them derive maximum value.


Cloud Consulting

People, process, and technology consulting to support strategic and tactical decision-making at every step of your cloud adoption.


Cloud Transformation

Beyond migrating to new technology, we help your business extract the full potential of the cloud to become agile, innovative, and intelligent.


Cloud Engineering

We transform the IT ecosystem of our clients into cloud-native systems by orchestrating the automation of integration, implementation, and operations on the cloud.


Cloud Optimization

We implement a robust Cost & Architecture optimization strategy to eliminate huge IT capital expenses and align your cloud spends & performance with business goals.


Cloud Management

Continuous data, application, and integration management bolstered by periodic performance monitoring & reporting, and timely technical support.

Our Cloud Methodology

Our 3-Step Process is Designed to Give You Continuous, Measurable, and Sustainable Benefits that Make Your Business Operations Faster, Agile, and More Customer-Friendly

  • Assessment

    We assess your current IT ecosystem, including its hardware and software lifecycles thoroughly. We then generate a detailed report on the effectiveness, value addition, and ROI offered by cloud vis-à-vis your legacy systems.

  • Planning

    We will find the right design, development, and implementation model to suit your organization’s goals and then create a stepwise roadmap to transfer your workloads, and operations to the cloud and automate your development and deployment.

  • Execution

    With a blueprint in hand, our cloud specialists will seamlessly migrate your data, applications, and processes to cloud without disrupting your operations. We then optimize your business practices to be able to extract maximum value out of your cloud strategy.

AppAndGeek Cloud

Cloud Expertise that Empowers You

In the war for consumer attention, what separates the pioneer from the follower is often the right timing. Our Cloud services equip you with all the tools, best practices, and skills you require to consistently lead your industry by relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a great product. With AppAndGeek, you don’t just create a great product; you create it before everyone else.

Why Our Customers Love Us?
  • No outsourcing. Only In-House Geniuses at Work.
  • Proven Expertise in Cutting-edge technology
  • Incredible Prices
  • Complete lifecycle management
  • We Create Digital Experiences Tailored to Your Target Segment
  • We love challenges. Bring it on!

Infrastructure as Code

It is a new best practice that allows businesses to provision infrastructure and manages it using code and software development techniques. Traditional infrastructure management involves manual configurations, custom scripts, outdated tools, and round-the-clock dedicated talent. In addition to being excruciatingly slow, it is also prone to frequent errors. Infrastructure as Code simplifies and streamlines this process by allowing resource provisioning by running reusable scripts.

AppAndGeek reduces your infrastructure from a manually configured and managed behemoth into a blistering fast service. Forget the servers, firewall, database, and other elements of the infrastructure. We transform everything into a unified service that can be easily managed with tested, reusable code.

Our Toolkit for Infrastructure as Code Service

We use the following configuration management tools for provisioning your cloud infrastructure


Meet Our Cloud Service Partners

Having worked on multiple cloud environments, our experts have come to rely on the performance, dependability, and efficiency of the following cloud platforms


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