We Add Value In Ways That You Find Most Meaningful

We offer fully customized engagement models that allow you to leverage external expertise and achieve your business objectives in the most cost-effective, timely, and risk-free ways.

We Offer the Following Partnerships

1. Fixed Price

Fixed price arrangements work best when the project’s specifications and scope are clearly defined. This clarity allows us to accurately estimate and predefine the project’s timelines and costs. It is the most risk-free approach for the client as well as us. By minimizing the room for potential miscommunication, this approach ensures smooth project execution and after-project support.

  • Detailed Specs
  • Fixed Budget
  • Fixed Timelines
  • Milestone-based Billing
  • Little to zero external dependencies

2. Dedicated Offshore Team

A dedicated hiring model is best-suited for long term projects that require a permanent or a near-permanent team of dedicated developers. This model offers the clients complete control over the talent and the technical resources dedicated to their project. We provide a specialized team of developers for the projects and offer affordable hourly rates.

  • Affordable than an in-house team
  • On-demand specialized talent
  • High scalability
  • Full flexibility to change the project’s requirements
  • High continuity
  • Knowledge retention
  • Highly efficient

3. Time & Materials (T&M)

This model works best when the project’s vision, specifications, and objectives are not clearly defined. The client can make changes to the project’s specifications at any stage of its execution. We offer moderately affordable pricing based on the cost of materials, time, and resources spent on the project. Time and materials contracts are quite similar to pay-per-use arrangements.

  • Ideal for complex projects
  • Bi-weekly or monthly billing
  • Virtually unlimited changes allowed
  • External dependencies affect the timeline
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Quick start
  • Part-time or full-time

4. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are ideal for long term projects and high criticality projects with little room for error. The project’s specifications and critical conditions are agreed between you and App&Geek. We take full responsibility of the project management and service delivery, while ensuring that the predefined critical conditions are satisfied.

  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Legally binding roles & penalties
  • Predefined acceptable quality for issue resolution
  • Priority response
  • Unlimited support
  • Fixed + flexible service costs

Have something different in mind?

App&Geek offers fully customized engagement models to suit your project’s requirements and business objectives.

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