What Is JAMstack?
JAMstack is a "modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup".

JAMstack is not a new technology. It’s a new approach to building delightfully faster websites that are secure, can be scaled affordably, and offer a better developer experience. JAMstack websites are static websites but are highly interactive and offer a range of functionalities that are traditionally associated with dynamic websites like payment processing, real-time interactivity, and more.

Unlike client-side rendered websites, such as those built on React that have server-side rendering parts, JAMstack eliminates server-side rendering completely. The HTML pages are already generated, and the server quickly serves them. There is no dynamic content. Everything is pre-built.

Why JAMstack?

Globally, the average webpage load time is 8.66 seconds. But, anything above 3 seconds drives away customers. JAMstack is the gamechanger your business needs.

Superior Performance

Fast & reduced time to the first byte.

Affordably Scalable

Utilizes CDNs & fewer resources to offer easy scaling.

Better Security

Less surface area for malicious code injections.

Easy to Maintain

No updates and no technical maintenance required.

What Can JAMstack Do For You

It Can Open Up Endless Possibilities for You – All of them Fast, Secure, and Cost-Effective

1. Static Site Generators

Move an existing website to static or build a new static website from scratch in record time

2. Headless CMS

From open-source to premium Headless CMS, we know what works perfectly for your needs

3. Auditing & Optimizing

We’ll perform in-depth analysis, create a report, and optimize your website for SEO & more

4. CI/CD Setup

We will set up automated deployment, continuous integration, & continuous delivery for you

5. CDN Hosting

Let’s deploy your static site globally over a CDN and get it closer to your audience’s locations.

We Dominate Our Industry. We Can Help You Dominate Yours Too

We don’t sell what we don’t believe in. This website is built with JAMstack architecture and is hosted on Netlify. The HTML for every page is custom-built and is generated at the deploy time. The server serves these pre-built pages at lightning speeds – be it for desktops or mobile platforms.

In the war for consumer attention, what separates the pioneer from the follower is often the right timing. As the global leader in JAMstack Web Development, App&Geek offers you the unique opportunity to leverage technology breakthroughs before your competition does. With App&Geek, you don’t just create a great product; you create it before everyone else.

Why Our Customers Love Us?

  • Nobody knows JAMstack quite like us
  • Treasure trove of in-house talent. Nothing is outsourced
  • We execute your vision at blazing speed
  • Affordable services. We’ll even make it cost-effective to scale your website
  • We can turn dynamic websites of any complexity into static marvels
  • Beauty and performance come together in everything we do

Say Hello To JAMstack Compatible Technologies

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Need Speed Beyond Imagination?

We pour our heart and soul into building stunning websites with JAMstack that set new standards for beauty, speed, and performance.

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