Java spring boot developer

We are looking for a qualified backend developer to join our tech team. You will be responsible for building RESTful API application, create micro-services using spring boot, spring data for the database layer


  • Comfortable working in an agile development team
  • Familiar with technologies like Spring Boot v1 and v2, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Swagger, Tomcat 8, Java 8, Maven, Jenkins, GIT, Postman, RESTful Services, Docker Containers
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills as you will have to contribute to technology blog topics in spring boot


  • Code coverage using JUnit test cases is a must
  • API documentation to be exposed via Swagger
  • Familiar with Spring boot security module and OAuth
  • Familiar with JPQL query syntax using Spring data JPA module Good with Java basics and SQL language


Spring Boot - 3+ years

How to Apply:

Please share your resume via email

Please email files and links to with email subject as “Java spring boot developer”

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