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Why Mobile Apps?

Fast, exciting, and delightful mobile apps earn brands a place in consumers’ smartphones and therefore, in their mind space.

Simply put, your customers are on mobile. If you are not, then you don’t exist for them.


87% Share

Time mobile users spend inside apps V/s the web


3.3 Hours Per Day

Time adults spend on Mobiles V/s 2.2 hours on desktops


205 Billion

Estimated App Downloads in 2018


57% Traffic

Internet Traffic from Smartphones V/s Desktops.

We Mobilize Your Vision

We love creating React Native applications that inspire. The look of sheer awe and joy on our customers’ faces every time they see our work is what drives us to excellence.

Why Our Customers Love Us?
Unrivaled React Native Expertise
No outsourcing. In-house React Native ninjas at work
Delightful UI/UX on top of high performance guaranteed
Lightning fast turnaround times
Life cycle management
We love challenges. Bring it on!
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We are App & Geek – a React Native app development company.

We love creating awesome React Native applications. The look of sheer awe and joy on our customers’ faces every time they see our work is what drives us to excellence.

We are engineers at heart and have a deep passion for the bleeding-edge tech. We thoroughly enjoy creating path-breaking technology solutions that propel businesses into the future. At the same time, we are artists too and revel in the experience of transforming the vision of our clients into something their users will adore.

We are leaders, and we are innovators. Throw any challenge at us. Bring your most ambitious vision. Come to us with your boldest and wildest aspirations. Witness in awe as we transform your dreams into stunning digital experiences that push the boundaries of current technology.

React Native: Because It is Built for the Now and Future

Our tryst with React Native is one of love at first code. The modern, intuitive, robust, and feature- rich technology is built to simplify mobile application development and help businesses innovate and enrich the experiences of their customers faster.


Top-Notch Technology

React Native makes use of native building blocks that are used by native iOS and Android apps. This allows businesses to take advantage of the platform-specific features and offer their users advanced functionalities even with a hybrid app.


Rich Experience

By harnessing the native UI elements, React Native applications offer a seamless user experience and high-performance. The apps are light on hardware and work smoothly even on lower- end devices.


Ultra-Fast Development

The component-specific structure allows React Native app developers to create stunning quality, high-performance apps with reusable React Native components. Also, React Native’s in-built debugging tools & hot reloading features accelerate development cycle by magnitudes.


Quality Up. Price Down

Businesses can use a single codebase to offer a unified digital experience to its users across multiple mobile platforms. By not developing native apps for every mobile platform, businesses save tremendously on their IT budgets and can also scale up effortlessly.


Bye-Bye Versioning

Gone are the days of unplugged vulnerabilities, bugs, and never-ending updates. No need for users to update their apps to enjoy your latest features and services. With React Native, app updating is as simple as making changes to a web page.


Incredibly Cost-Effective

Slash your app development budget by a third with a React Native application. The hybrid React Native apps can be deployed on multiple platforms simultaneously with a few changes to the same React Native code. Build mobile apps for multiple platforms at the price of one.

App & Geek Development Methodology

From Ideation to End Product in Weeks!

At App & Geek, we work at lightning speeds to take your product from a back-of-the-napkin idea to a market-ready digital asset. We follow an agile development methodology and implement a continuous improvement-feedback loop to every project, thereby accelerating the app development process. We make use of Scrum, Kanban, and XP to improve our agile and lead development processes and deliver consistently superior products.

An uncompromising focus on excellence and a culture of “team success” together offer a strong foundation for us to deliver world-class React Native app development services in record time.

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Our Process

A Process That Is Baked With Client Value Maximization Objectives

Our multi-step, time-tested process is embedded with feedback loops at every stage. Each project is divided into milestone-based sprints, so that your team can monitor progress and share insights at every step.

This process allows us to develop and deploy new features quickly and frequently, with a strong focus on what matters the most to your business.


Requirement Gathering & Analysis

We start every project with a thorough understanding of our customer’s requirements.



We define the deliverables and milestones and freeze the tentative turnaround times for them.



Basic layouts & user journeys are formalized to give the team of react native developers a clear direction.



A base model to obtain relevant feedback & infuse coherence into the development process.


UI/UX Design

Gorgeous and intuitive UI designs that your users will absolutely adore.



Implementing your vision with skill & efficiency that’s unrivaled in the industry.


QA Testing

Advanced testing tools & experienced QA testing engineers identify defects in the codebase for fixing.



After passing through several development-QA feedback loops, your app is market-ready.


Maintenance & Support

Post-deployment support to fix technical issues and to answer any questions from the client.

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