We believe in the design process we’ve developed, as a way to work through your project effectively and efficiently. Each phase is as important as the next, as they start to build off each other until we’ve reached your goals.

01. Research & Understanding

In this phase, we research solutions and strategize ways to achieve your goals. The deliverable for you is a project blueprint documenting the research.

This project audit is a valuable roadmap for your project. It explains where your goals are, analyzes your audience and competition, and identifies areas needed for the website to achieve its needs.

02. Design & Develop

Our designers start off by working on your design concept. They research your industry until they’re fully confident they understand it, and then decide on the best route for you and your message. Doing this leg work means that we produce consistently strong design for all projects.

Then the real fun starts, working out how to turn this design concept into a visual and verbal feast for your audience!

03. Support & Maintainance

We stand by the quality, performance, and integrity of our product and offer lifetime support and maintenance. Whether you need assistance with updates, upgrades, or technical support at the consulting level, we are with you.

We will continue to monitor the performance and user experience of your users and make improvements to your product.

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