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What Are Progressive Web Apps?

A Progressive Web App is a web app that offers rich user experience of native mobile apps, such as push notifications, full-screen web pages, offline support, widgets, and more. Progressive Web Apps offer native app-level immersive experience on browsers for desktops users and mobile users alike.

Google rolled out Progressive Web Application technology in 2015. Despite its infancy, the technology is widely supported and offers a terrific, intuitive experience. PWA apps offer a consistently exceptional user experience, irrespective of the platform on which they are used. This allows businesses to scale their operations quickly and easily.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Reach All Your Audience at Once With An Advanced, Low-cost Solution



Loads instantly, even on bad network


Ultra-low Cost

Up to 1/10th the budget of a native app.


Richer Experience

Fast, Engaging, Intuitive, and Secure


Superior Features

App-like launch, push notifications, & more

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We Will Build You One App for All Platforms

Our PWA development services will help your business reach your audience on desktops and mobiles at the same time with a single low-cost solution and awe them with your brilliant features, delightful user experience, blistering speed, and other native mobile app-like features.

Why Our Customers Love Us?
  • No outsourcing. Only In-House Geniuses at Work.
  • Proven Expertise in Cutting-edge technology
  • Incredible Prices
  • Complete lifecycle management
  • We Create Digital Experiences Tailored to Your Target Segment
  • We love challenges. Bring it on!

We are App & Geek. We reinvent web and mobile experiences to boost your conversion rate.

With App & Geek, technology will stop being another challenge for your business to overcome. We make technology the root of competitive advantage, the source of superior customer experience, and the driver of business growth.

We are engineers at heart and have a deep passion for the bleeding-edge tech. We thoroughly enjoy creating path-breaking technology solutions that propel businesses into the future. At the same time, we are artists too and revel in the experience of transforming the vision of our clients into something their users will adore.

We are leaders, and we are innovators. Throw any challenge at us. Bring your most ambitious vision. Come to us with your boldest and wildest aspirations. Witness in awe as we transform your dreams into stunning digital experiences that push the boundaries of current technology.

Progressive Web Applications, Nothing Quite Like It

PWAs offer functionality and reliability of native mobile applications, alongside the versatility of web pages. Businesses can deploy PWAs to complement their existing web and mobile digital experiences or entirely replace them to offer a unified, consistent, and better experience to their users, ultimately producing increased engagement from them.


High Performance

Built on App Shell Model, PWAs offer a fast and silky-smooth user experience, irrespective of the device & network uncertainty


Increased Engagement

They feel as intuitive and brilliant as native apps. They support push notifications, which are more effective than emails



PWAs prompt users to save them on their home screens. Launch them directly, just like apps. No need to follow app store regulations



All content is encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Offers greater than standard protection against cyberattacks



Can be downloaded, “installed”, and launched from any device using any compatible browser.


Search-Engine Friendly

As search engines (Google, Bing, and so on) rank websites with mobile-friendly versions higher in theirs search results, PWAs are an ideal choice



Deploying updates is neither as cumbersome nor as expensive as a native app. The app is up to date every time your user visits the app

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