Serverless App Development

What is Serverless?

Serverless is the latest cloud computing architecture where the application owner does not purchase, rent, manage, or provision the servers. Instead, the cloud partner manages the infrastructure side of things for the applications. The most powerful advantage of this architecture is that the cloud partner dynamically manages the provisioning of servers to meet the real-time computing demand.

Despite the name, serverless apps do not run without the servers. However, businesses need not bother themselves about the server side of things and instead, focus on front end development.

Why Use Serverless?

Focus On Innovation, Customer Experience, And Revenue-Generation. Forget About Infrastructure!



With a serverless architecture, you pay for only what you use. There is no idle capacity, no wasted resources, or money.


No Server Management

Say goodbye to backend infrastructure management. No downtime, no provisioning or maintaining of servers ever again.


Virtually limitless Scalability

Scale only functions and not the application. Scaling up or down is as simple as executing a few lines of code.


High Availability

Extreme fault tolerance, which is made possible by multiple redundancies, is baked into the serverless architecture.

We Untether You From the Backend

We take your ideas and turn them into easily scalable, blisteringly fast, secure, and affordable applications that require minimum maintenance. We build and deploy your apps on the world’s foremost serverless platforms and save you time, money, and effort.

Why Our Customers Love Us?
In-House Geniuses at Work. No outsourcing
From Idea to App In A Jiffy – Executed Flawlessly
Extensive experience in building serverless apps
We Infuse Security and Reliability Into New Technologies
Complete Lifecycle Management
We love challenges. Bring it on!
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From Ideation to End Product in Weeks!

At App & Geek, we work at lightning speeds to take your product from a back-of-the-napkin idea to a market-ready digital asset. We follow an agile development methodology and implement a continuous improvement-feedback loop to every project, thereby accelerating the web and mobile app development process. We make use of Scrum, Kanban, and XP to improve our agile and lead development processes and deliver consistently superior products.

The strong reputation we have built as a reliable serverless application development company is a product of our uncompromising focus on excellence and a culture of “team success” in our organization. Together, they offer a strong foundation for us to provide world-class serverless app development services in record time.

Serverless: App Management and Cloud Computing Made Easy

Serverless is the next logical leap in the evolution of technology. Its flexible scalability and cost-effectiveness allow even small and medium businesses to create breath-taking digital experiences for their customers that rival those from large enterprises.


Freedom From Server Management

No more need for a 24x7 server team that burns a hole in their IT budget. No server provisioning, no software, or runtime to install, and no infrastructure maintenance required.


A New Paradigm of Scalability

Dynamic scaling based on real-time resource requirement vs. predetermined quotas. App scalability based on units of consumption rather than units of individual servers.


Pocket Friendly

Cloud resources provisioning is a thing of the past. Pay only for what you use. There is no cost incurred when the apps are not running. The best part? No wasted idle capacity.


High Availability

Built-in fault tolerance allows the architecture to deliver extraordinary availability to your apps. Any processing node failures are instantly dealt with by the spawning of new nodes.


Speed, Speed, and Speed

Not only are the apps built on serverless architecture are lightweight and fast, but they can also be taken from ideation to production stage in record time. Not to mention fast update releases.

Our Serverless Infrastructure Partners

We Build Serverless Applications on the Following Cloud Platforms


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